About us


NewEn is an Energy Service Company (E.S.Co.) operating in the energy efficiency sector to improve the energetic efficiency of plants, buildings and processes, reducing the costs and limiting the impact on the environment.

We believe in a sustainable development as a strategic choice for a better future.

As an E.S.Co. we provide an integrated and systemic energy efficiency service carrying on energy audits, efficient solutions design, implementation and management taking constantly into account technical, economic and financial aspects.

We have a team specialist in engineering, physics, economics, mathematics and architecture working together to achieve the common goal of maximum efficiency of the system under analysis.

Moreover, we operate with a Network of external professionals which time after time are involved into specific projects, to build a customized mix of competencies strictly oriented to the project final results.

Our Mission

To identify, design and realize solutions to improve energetic efficiency and reduce the energy costs in industries, public administrations, tertiary and residential sector adopting a systemic and innovative approach for technologies and processes.

Our Customers

NewEn addresses private and public subjects, medium and large highly energy-intensive enterprises, public institutions (schools, hospitals, offices, ...), commercial (shopping malls, department stores, hotels, ...) and private residential. To all of them we offer services aimed at reducing consumption and energy management through an innovative delivery model, capable to achieve significant cost reductions.

We offer a wide range of consulting services for energy efficiency (including the energy performance certification - EPC of buildings), to companies, public administration, professionals, energy efficient  technology providers,  associations, real estate agencies, builders, administrators, designers, installers, consultants management. 

Finally, to small company and private citizens we propose effective customized consulting services addressing retrofitting and/or realization of building and plants.