Efficiency for Industries

NewEn proposes to companies its own expertise and professionalism to reduce the energy costs providing services related to different aspects:
  • Technical. Design and realization of energy efficiency interventions related to plants, machineries and building envelope.
  • Organizational. Definition or the revamping of management policies and operational guidelines.
  • Economic-financial. Set up of a plan of investments for energy efficiency taking into account current law, tax deductions, financing opportunities and any other support source useful to facilitate the investment for executing identified interventions.

Our Approach

industriaWe offer a modular offer oriented to energy efficiency and energy saving using a systemic approach which takes into account, jointly, five main areas involved in the energy costs: plants, machineries, processes, envelope and supply contracts.

Technical interventions include:

  • Energy Audit, to identify the "energy status" of the company, the potential interventions and the potential improvements for energy saving
  • Feasibility Study, to detail the features of each identified intervention, also making a costs/benefits analysis which quantify the potential money saving and the payback period. The feasibility is done separately for each potential action and combining sub-set of them.
  • Executive project, where the intervention is designed, implemented and, if it is the case, also maintenanced.

Processes and procedures

Referring to company organizational and process aspects which can be related to energy consumption NewEn:
  • Analyses the overall energetic situation to identify the most appropriate areas for intervention
  • Establishes policies and improving procedures
  • Estimates the savings deriving by the their adoption, with the support of a e-dashboard personalized on the features of the company.
  • Gives improvement guidelines and a tailored dashboard to be used by the company in support to strategic decisions.


NewEn carries on the evaluation of all the potential saving related to energy costs derived from the supply contract, but also related to incentives and tax deductions accessible by the company. In such way, we provide a complete overview of potential improvement for energy savings which includes technical and economic aspects.

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