Energy Efficiency for private buildings


Energy efficiency and saving straight to your home with a cost effective and turnkey service!

NewEn offers solutions for improving energy efficiency in apartment, single house or residential building, operating on the building envelope and plants even proposing and designing renewable energy solutions (i.e. PV Plants).

We do both retrofitting and new building design using a systemic approach which optimizes the envelope-plants system, considered as a unique, single system.

In our approach we combine accuracy, experience and professional skills to calibrate the interventions and achieve an optimal result.

For each project we set up a customized working-team, mixing NewEn professionals NewEn Net experts. Together with the technical solution we offer an economic-financial estimate oriented to calculate costs and benefits of the proposed solutions: in such way you will have all elements to choose the solution which better fulfill your needs.

If you need to retrofit your building or intend to build a new one contact us to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Our experts will reply you within 2 days.