Newen Net

networkThe multidisciplinary of the possible area of knowledge and the plurality of the necessary expertise to identify the most suitable and convenient solutions, customized and innovative at the same time, requires highly specialized competencies.

For this reason we created the NewEn Net, a network of professional consultants with consolidated experience on energetic issues and belonging to different professional associations, companies, research centers and universities.

The network is involved in the project depending on the customer needs, so to build a multidisciplinary team, cohesive by the common objective of achieving energy efficiency targets in all the possible detected areas.

Why a Network?

The wide variety of the NewEn Net members, theirs different expertise and skills, guarantees to our customers:
  • Extremely flexibility
  • High quality performances
  • Rapidity in the project execution
  • Autonomy in the materials, chosen directly by NewEn on the basis of the work needs
  • Costs extremely competitive

This approach allows to reduce project costs still having highly professional results..

The winning team-work

The internal NewEn professionals mix with the external experts acting as the binding force in each single project. They:
  • take care of the identification, coordination, interaction and integration of the professional consultants expertise
  • collect information to be used to define the optimum solution which joins envelope, plants, machineries and business processes
  • are the unique reference towards the customer guaranteeing coherence and effectiveness of actions
  • implement identified solution and provide maintenance.

Thanks to this configuration, NewEn is able to provide turnkey projects, even if they are very different and address a variety of customers like manufacturing industries of medium and large scale, service and residential sector, mono or multy-family residential, including apartment buildings, hotels and commercial structures.