Efficiency for Tertiary sector

terziarioNewEn offers energy efficiency solutions to the hospitality and commercial sector providing tailored services to individuals and companies. With a systemic approach, we support you in three areas: technical, including building and plants, managerial, working on the organization and business processes, and economic, by the the optimization of the energy supplier contracts.

Further we offer support in acceding to funds and financial incentives dedicated to energetic efficiency and renewable energy sources.

We analyze the energy costs and use of your structure to identify potential opportunity of savings. For each project we set up a customized working-team, mixing NewEn professionals NewEn Net experts. Together with the technical solution we offer an economic-financial estimate oriented to calculate costs and benefits of the proposed solutions: in such way you will have all elements to choose the solution which better fulfill your needs.

The Energy Audit assesses the state of consumption and energy costs by identifying waste and excessive consumption in relation to the whole structure providing guidelines to reduce consumption in specific areas particularly energy-intensive and / or with a high rate of potential saving. Beside the technical evaluation and a detailed analysis of the cost / benefit analysis with the quantification of potential savings and payback times. we also provide operational guidelines and best practices for proper and efficient management of the structure.

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