Energy Audit

diagnosi_energeticaEnergy Audit provides valuable information about energy consumption and its distribution to define the Energy Balance, identify waste and losses and define energy efficiency actions to reduce energy costs.

A critical analisys of energy consumption related to plants, machineries, envelop and productive processes is carried on under a unique umbrella, considering the overall joint system building- plants-behaviours .

Few steps to make energy efficiency your success

NewEn provides you with direct and concrete energy efficiency guidelines in 3 simple steps:
  1. Data collection about plants, strucutre and productive process
  2. Technical inspection on site to quantify electrical and thermal consumption also by using specific meters temporary installed for a real time consumption measure
  3. Data analysis and mining to quantify wastes, losses and saving opportunities.
A final Technical Report summarizes real energy needs of the combined system envelop-plants-machineris-processes including:
  • the Energetic Balance
  • a precise estimation of the energetic needs divided among the main final users
  • a real quantification of energy consumption including on field measured data and benchmark data
  • the list of possible improving actions aimed at reducing existing consumption both by improving existing systems and deploy innovative technical and structural solutions.

Who are potential energy savers?

NewEn offers Energy Audits to industries, Public Buildings like hospitals, offices, schools, ..., hotels and residence, malls, offices, and any other entity with significant energy consumptions.
The Energy Audit is the basic step towards the set up of a structured Energy Management System in accordance with the ISO 50001 standard. NewEn supports you in the inetire process of their deployment.
We will contact you to verify your needs and customize the service proposal to your specific requirements.