How we work

A systemic approach

The distinctive value of our offer relays in the integrated systemic and fully scientific methodological approach which includes the main five areas responsible of energy consumption and costs:

These areas are closely interconnected to form a single complex system which NewEn optmizes globally, through innovative technical solutions and management policies.

The benefits are more effective than simply the "adding on" of disjointed actions, even if they are realized in different moments, resulting as part of a single coherent project, whose goal is common rationalization of energy.

The systemic and scientific methodology joined to high attention to details, combined with experience and professional skills, allows us to accurately identify the necessary actions to reduce consumptions.

metodo_di_lavoro1Tailored services

Each customer is unique and special for us.

With high care and attention we identify the most appropriate customized solutions, at both low and high costs, with the final goal of reducing energy costs and consumptions.

Our solutions integrate purely technical and processes aspects with organizational and economic-financial ones.

For each project we set up a specific technical team composed by NewEn professional and by the NewEn Network experts. A Project Manager coordinates them and assists you from the earliest stages of the project, providing you all the necessary assistance for a successful project outcome, in line with your specific needs.