Service Facilities

impianto_uvDuring an Energy Audit Service Facilities are usually responsible of a significant part of energy consumption. In fact, they usually include, among others, generators as compressor, pumps, bolier, and other similar, and pipes, cables, radiators and other distributive systems.

As each of these elements is a potential source of waste of energy it is put under analysis and metering for verifying ongoing consumption and saving opportunities. Starting from the existent situation and after an accurate evaluation, in addition to the monitoring data and with the scrupulousness of its approach, NewEn is able to identify the customized solution which is more adapt and more convenient for the customers.


impiantiService facility systems in industries are numerous and include, among others, suction- ventilation, compressed air, refrigeration, steam production, lighting, air conditioning. Each of them works under specific conditions and is characterized by specific constraints and operational levels mainly related to ensure the quality of product.
The plants are one of the cornerstones of the energy audit as they are often sources of waste and losses to eliminate to obtain significant savings.

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In offices and commercial areas there are many service facilities, such as lighting, air conditioning, air handling units. They are the main source of consumption and are therefore subject to a detailed analysis by monitoring power consumption under different conditions (seasonality, weekday vs. Holidays, ...).