EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)


NewEn evaluates your building energy performance, providing you with an overview of the energy consumption sources distribution and of the potential savings.

The Energy perd building'senergy performance certificateis an official documentissued byan accredited institution.

The EPC is valid for 10 years and is a requirement for all homes that are rented or sold. 

An EPC contains an assessment of the relative energy performance of the building and suggested measures to reduce energy use. 

It records how efficient a property is as a building, by mean of standard methods and assumptions about energy usage. When compiled a displayed horizontal graph is produced similar to the labels used in most domestic appliance to energetically classify them.

During the activities, our professionals will provide you with:

  • the Energy Performance Certificate;
  • a technical report with detailed information about plants and envelop features;
  • a list of possible actions to improve the overall energy efficiency of the structure reducing energy consumption and costs.

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