Energy Management & White Certificates

EMEnergy Management is a complex and multidisciplinary area, which need a wide spectrum of know how and competencies. NewEn creates customized energy management plan aimed at eliminating inefficiencies and wastes, through the adoption of technical and organizational solutions. 

NewEn Energy Manager defines with the customer the most suitable plan (evalutating costs and benefits for each investigated area) and  timeframe  for its deployment.

Offered activities include:

  • Coaching of the customer Energy Manger and support in the everyday activities aimed to identify the most efficient solutions
  • Energy Management activity, as external cunsulting service whereas there is none in the role of Energy Manager, working close with the customer technicians
  • Energy Manager training in house, providing techniques and tool for an effective and efficient energy management

  • Assistance in the energy contracts definitions, in accordance with the specific customer needs.

White Certificates Scheme

The White Certificate scheme is one of the key instruments for supporting enegy efficiency improvements and spread, facilitating achieving energy saving targets in a cost-effective way. The certification of saviing guarantees the achievement of a claimed amount of energy saving, whereas the tradability aspect enables to meet the objectvie in a cost-effective way.

In Europe several countries have already implemented a White Certificate scheme or are seriously considering starting it. Italy has started a scheme in January 2005, France in 2006. Great Britain has combined its obligation system for energy savings with the possibility to tradr obligations and savings (even if still only among the obliged parties and through bilateral contracts). Denmark and the Netherlands are seriously considering introduction of a White Certificate scheme in the near future. Flanders (Belgium) has implemented an energy saving obligation for energy grid companies without tradability of certificates. 

Demand in most schemes is created from an obligation on electricity and gas retail suppliers, with the exemption of Italy that has chosen to obligate its distribution companies.

Certificates can be derived from projects which result in energy savings beyond business as usual, by target market actors or by Energy Service Companies (ESCOs).

As an ESCO, NewEn takes care of the entire process of White Certificate asknowledgment  preparing all the requested documents to be submitted to the indipendent body in charge of Certificates issue (i.e. AEEG in Italy).

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