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NewEn S.r.l. is a leading independent engineering and sustainability consultancy providing a professional and stable work environment with growth opportunities across our Italian offices.

NewEn prides itself in fostering a stable, progressive and challenging work environment with a strong commitment to growing and developing our staff through personal and professional development, our success is demonstrated by a low staff turnover and strong client retention.

NewEn is always open to start new collaborations with young, motivated and dynamic professionals.

Working with NewEn means to increase your skills, professional experience and activity in the field of 'energy efficiency and renewable energy in a dynamic team and in close contact with a network of professionals, companies, universities, research centers.

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If you are an engineer, a designer or an architect, you can work with us to develop innovative projects that, in addition to traditional functionality and aesthetics, are aimed at reducing energy consumption, operating costs and environmental impact to ensure performance and sustainability features.

If you are a professional installer (heating, cooling, ... plants) you can join a dynamic and innovative team of specialists of energy efficiency and saving.

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