A building is a complex system composed of static (roof, walls) and movable elements. Each of them  can offer opportunities for energy efficiency improvements: roof, walls, floor, ceiling, gates and windows.

The Energy Audit assesses the building energy consumptions in three steps: three-dimensional modeling, thermo physical description and dynamic simulation in which the energetic performance of the building in different situations is evaluated. Analysis is carried out using a mix of historical and real time monitoring data including power consumption, temperature, humidity, light, transmittance, heat and other similar significant information.

Each building has its own peculiarities and saving opportunities: NewEn devotes attention and care to identify the most appropriate and economical tailored solutions starting from the existing status.

We propose solutions for improving the building envelope (walls, ceiling, floor and windows) by mean of specific high-tech materials capable of improving insulation limiting the presence of themal flows. Any proposed solution considers always the joint effect of plants and structural components in order to achieve the overall energetical and comfort balance.


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